• mobility

    Future cities at ITS Copenhagen

    We are working with the city of Copenhagen to create solutions for a greener, smarter and more livable city. At ITS Copenhagen, you can learn more about these solutions.

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  • mm-complexe-machines-home

    Industrial machines becoming more complex

    Article: Machines are becoming increasingly more autonomous and are assigned with increasingly more varying functions. How to handle the development of such machines?

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  • recore-pb-home

    Technolution takes over Recore Systems' activities

    Press release: Technolution to engage in space-proof data processing by taking over Recore Systems' IP design activities.

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  • o29-cover-home

    Objective 29: about 'Rust', wireless asset control and more

    This edition of our magazine pays attention to programming language 'Rust', wireless asset control, the complexity of industrial machines and multimodal traffic management.

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