• jem-tesla-powerwall-header

    Pilot smart energy usage expanded with storage

    Residents in Breda will be the first people in the Netherlands to have a Tesla home battery for energy storage installed in their house! The test is being expanded in order to test the effectiveness in practice.

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  • hva-slimladenlossen-vierkant

    Smart use of limited city space

    Win-win situation in the city: smart use of limited loading and unloading space reduces inconvenience for residents and increases profits for logistics businesses.

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  • blauwegolf-zeeburg-amsterdam-square

    'Waiting' in Amsterdam easier for inland shipping

    Following the Port of Rotterdam, the Port of Amsterdam has now also joined the 'Blue Wave Connected'. This provides inland shipping with access to real-time information regarding available holding areas.

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  • afm-rotterdam-2016

    Driving safely through tunnels thanks to AFM

    The Maastunnel in Rotterdam is going to be fitted with a safety system that keeps the traffic moving at all times. This AFM system ensures that vehicles can always safely exit the tunnel.

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  • traffic-light-vierkant

    iTLC management always open and current

    Traffic light controls will be interactive. They will supply information to drivers on their own through a new communication protocol. Technolution checks and tests the (open) protocol.

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Control via common standard; FPAI



System integration inside your network: SigmaXG