• bc-edge-computing-home

    Intelligence at the edge keeps data streams in check

    The tendency to store and process everything in the cloud is strong. There are nonetheless proper reasons to use local devices to handle certain matters as opposed to the cloud.

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  • zebros-mm-2017-home

    Zebro robots are ready to 'swarm'

    The Zebro project recently achieved an important milestone regarding the introduction of modular design. The next step is the development of swarm behavior.

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  • o28-maxwell-2

    The new Objective is available!

    This edition of our magazine on innovations, technologies and projects pays attention to video management, cooperation and the combination of technology and physics.

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  • technolution-vestiging-deventer-home-1

    Deventer branch supports activities in the east

    Our first Dutch branch outside our home base in Gouda brings us much closer to clients, colleagues, and knowledge hubs in the east of the country.

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  • purple-nectar-home

    PrimeLink and multidomain video on defense conventions

    At Purple Nectar and the NIDV exhibition, we demonstrated PrimeLink 3015 and multidomain video distribution: secure high speed connections and secure parts of video sources.

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Control via common standard; FPAI



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