• traffic-light-vierkant

    iTLC management always open and current

    Traffic light controls will be interactive. They will supply information to drivers on their own through a new communication protocol. Technolution checks and tests the (open) protocol.

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  • mozaiek-fpga

    Security due to open source processor architecture RISC-V

    Article from Bits&Chips. Due to the open source character of RISC-V, anyone can make their own softcore. We developed a private softcore with RISC-V for safety and security applications.

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  • sigmaxg-ndcoder-dvi-home

    Sahara distributor of SigmaXG in the Benelux

    "I’ve been in the AV market for some 10 years now, and have never seen a multifunctional product like SigmaXG before," says Sahara product specialist Robin van der Heiden

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  • partner-program-home-2

    Partnership with Microsemi Corporation

    Technolution recently joined Microsemi Corporation’s partner program. This partnership will strengthen our offerings for providing challenging solutions for the defense, safety and security markets.

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  • security-technology-orange-vierkant

    Smart solutions for security and privacy issues in ITS

    Data is the driving force behind intelligent transport systems. But using data also means taking risks, with lurking familiar data security and privacy issues. How do you deal with this?

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Vehicle-to-grid communication for EV