FlowPatrol goes cooperative


17 July 2015

FlowPatrol is starting to roll out FlowRadar: a handy, smart box that ensures your FlowPatrol app will get even smarter. Faster communication between systems along the road and the FlowRadar in your car means that you’ll be receiving even more accurate recommendations. In technical terms, this is called cooperative driving, ‘Talking Traffic’ in other words. Your car talks to the other cars around you, and to the road. This means you’ll be even better informed as you travel!

Phantom Jams A58

Motorists on the A58 have been able to receive driving advice from one of the phantom jam apps since late February 2015. Thanks to the number of users and the feedback received, we’ve been able together with the 10 consortiums to develop a lot of technology in a very short period of time. Technolution is now introducing the next step: ‘Talking Traffic’, via the FlowPatrol’s FlowRadar.

Talking Traffic, the prelude to self-driving cars

In ‘Talking Traffic’, cars communicate with each other and with the road, giving you even more information about what is happening directly around your car. It’s a technology that is still work in progress; the Netherlands is the first country to be piloting this on the public road! Traffic data were previously collected only via the 3G/4G network, but we’re now adding WiFi-P (also known as G5). A bit like a ‘home’ network, except on the public road. Roadside transmitters equipped with WiFi-P have already been installed along the A58 between Eindhoven and Tilburg. They are transmitters with the European WiFi frequency specifically geared to traffic. In order to be able to communicate with each other using this frequency, FlowPatrol uses the FlowRadar in combination with the existing app.


FlowPatrol will begin the actual roll-out of FlowRadar in the fall. This handy box can be very simply attached to your windscreen. All you have to do is connect it to your mobile phone using Bluetooth and you’ve equipped your car with the latest technology! FlowRadar will ensure you’ll be receiving even faster and more up-to-date recommendations.

App also works without FlowRadar

The FlowPatrol app will continue to work even if you don’t have FlowRadar. In that case, you’ll continue to receive recommendations via your mobile phone connection, just like you do already. These will be a bit slower than they would be if you had FlowRadar, but you’ll still be traveling in the right flow! And we also have some good news for users who only use the app: after the summer vacation, we’re going to extend the app to other highways!





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