Working together on smart assets


16 December 2015

Cofely and Technolution are starting a partnership to make assets managed in-company or for clients accessible in a smart way. Connecting data in new ways can make asset management more efficient. Smart Digital Solutions, a part of Cofely, is responsible for the creation of new solutions by connecting market expertise with a focus on digitization.

Smart digital solutions

As a leading service provider in the field of sustainable innovative technologies, Cofely is constantly working on smart solutions for its customers. The next step is making the maintenance and management of assets even smarter. The goal is to improve the forecasting of infrastructure maintenance requirements, for example, to optimize digital platforms and to further develop possibilities in the field of energy efficiency in the built environment.

‘Technolution will be supporting Cofely in this new step towards optimizing its smart digital solutions. We understand the entire technical chain, from sensor to back office, and are able to realize specific solutions quickly by making use of our building blocks. We’re excited about the prospect of making innovative solutions together!’ says Marcel Dukker, Chief Commercial Officer at Technolution.

From infrastructure to energy

Guido Frenken, CEO of Cofely West Nederland explains: ‘We’ve recently been exploring our partnership with Technolution in our strategic focus areas. We’ve experienced an excellent match, both as far as work is concerned and in personal contacts. We’re giving a powerful signal by formalizing this partnership, which will deal primarily with a number of defined projects where we’ll be working together to realize our ambitions in the field of digitization, and which will allow us to develop our client services optimally.’

One example of the solutions that the two companies will be working on together is the forecasting of maintenance requirements of infrastructural assets, such as tunnels and bridges. The goal is to use Big Data and real-time information to improve our ability to pick up signals and to map forecasts. Take a building or an area, for instance: by using all available sensors, as well as sensors that are being newly-developed, it will be possible to carry out more analyses and thus to anticipate on future works.



  • Marcel Dukker
  • CCO

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