'Waiting' in Amsterdam easier for inland shipping


15 September 2016

Following the example set by the Port of Rotterdam, the Port of Amsterdam has now also joined the 'Blue Wave Connected'. This provides inland shipping with access to real-time information regarding available holding areas.

Real-time available holding areas on display

The Port of Amsterdam has joined the Inland Shipping Berth Information System (BLIS). In BLIS the Port will provide an overview with detailed information concerning the occupation of the public holding areas for inland navigation in the Port of Amsterdam. BLIS transfers this data to the 'Blue Wave Connected' (BGV).

Blue Wave Connected

The available holding areas are shown to the captain via the website ‘Blue Wave Connected’. On this chart, the available public holding areas are shown in combination with its size which allows the captain to navigate purposefully. This results in time saving, lesser fuel costs, less pollution and a better traffic flow in the Port. The Port of Amsterdam has gotten a little bit smarter, faster and cleaner because of it.

View the current availability of the holding areas here!



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