Pilot for smarter loading and unloading has begun


20 March 2017

Reserving a parking spot from your delivery van or truck in the town center in advance? For a number of catering sector suppliers in Amsterdam, this is about to become a reality. From mid-April a pilot will start with smart parking spots which are fitted with digital traffic signs. Technolution and Glimworm have collaborated on the development of hardware, software and data management.

Communicating with the parking spot

The digital signs located at the smart parking spots in Amsterdam work via E Ink technology - a unique concept because this is one of the first times that this technology is being used in a public space. Making a reservation is done in real time via the cloud. The sign detects whether the parking spot is occupied or not through a sensor. The vehicles of the suppliers are all fitted with iBeacons. If the parking spot is occupied, the traffic signs will try to make contact with the vehicle. What happens if there is a parked vehicle that is not allowed to be there? Then the sign will send a text message to the parking management in order to have the vehicle removed.

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

The used technology is completely CO2 neutral. The signs are fitted with solar panels. The E Ink displays require very little energy and the used communication technology, LoRa, is also extremely energy-efficient. The digital signs can work up to twenty days on just one hour of sunshine.

Directly put into practice

The project, that was made possible by Topsector Logistiek, is more progressive than current legislations and regulations. This practice-based pilot serves the purpose of getting user-experience feedback and allows us to test the technique. In addition it is also important to establish whether the business case can be sufficiently substantiated.

Other smart cities

Technolution is deeply involved in similar projects in other cities such as Rotterdam, Utrecht, Maastricht and Copenhagen. For instance, in Utrecht there is a pilot going on with the dynamic use of parking spots. In Copenhagen the concept Dynamic Urban Space is being explored by stimulating the use of bicycles. This city is aiming to be completely CO2 neutral in 2025. Smart technology is playing a vital part in all of these projects.



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