Traffic signals in the era of smart cities


3 May 2017

The annual Nordic Traffic Signal Conference takes place on Stockholm, Sweden, on May 8 and 9. Professionals will attend to network and to inform themselves of the latest technological trends and innovations. We will be presenting MobiMaestro with integrated RSMP.

Traffic signals, your instruments for city traffic management

In a nutshell, traffic management is about spreading road traffic efficiently over the available road network. To implement a coordinated network-wide approach in city traffic management, all traffic light controllers can be connected to an overarching city traffic management system (CTMS). Standardization is required to be able to realize this. In the Nordic countries, the Road Side Message Protocol (RSMP) has been developed for this purpose.

MobiMaestro as your natural starting point

MobiMaestro has an open architecture and is compatible with instruments, models and data from any supplier that uses open communication. Thus third parties can add intelligence or tap open data from their own services. The platform is highly modular, which allows it to grow with your business.

Come to our demo

During the Nordic Traffic Signal Conference you can get behind the controls of MobiMaestro yourself and experience how easy it is to operate. We’ll be at stand F on both days to answer all your questions. In addition, Kees den Hollander will be giving a presentation on ‘ITS and traffic management using RSMP & open data’ on May 9.




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