Faster and better images of tunnel incidents with VideoManager


17 May 2017

The new camera operating system in the Dutch Benelux Tunnel reacts automatically to sensor signals. It points cameras in the direction of the sensors that were triggered and zooms in. The images are immediately displayed on screens in the traffic control room and can be recorded for subsequent analysis. Technolution realised this VideoManager.

Central and local operation

The Benelux Tunnel is operated not only from the Verkeerscentrale Zuidwest-Nederland (‘Traffic Control Room South-West Netherlands’), but it also has its own local control room. This is used whenever normal operation is not available, or during major maintenance works in the tunnel. Although the central and local control rooms have totally different hardware configurations, the VideoManager is able to work with both locations. It is able to do this thanks to a strict division in the architecture between the control system and the technical tunnel installation. Moreover, as the cameras are IP-based, video streams can be easily viewed from different locations.

Successful implementation

The VideoManager was recently installed in the Benelux Tunnel, as part of a project for the replacement of industrial automation in tunnels operated by the Dutch state. The tunnel had to be closed on three consecutive nights during a single weekend to carry out this large-scale operation. The deadline was very tight. Nevertheless, the roll-out of the VideoManager took place without a glitch, and to the satisfaction of all parties concerned. The VideoManager will in due course also be implemented in eight other Dutch state-operated tunnels: the Drecht Tunnel, the Noord Tunnel, the two Heinenoord Tunnels, the three Sijtwende Tunnels, the Wijker Tunnel, and the Schiphol Tunnel. Thanks to its modular architecture, this will not require any adjustments to the software: the same software for all tunnels, but with different configurations. This makes management and maintenance much easier.

Technolution developed the VideoManager for Rijkswaterstaat in partnership with Dynniq Nederland.




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