Ecorunner aims for 3500 km on the energy equivalent of 1 liter of petrol


22 May 2017

Eco-Runner Team Delft is participating in the Shell Eco-Marathon that is being held from 25 - 28 May in London, for the twelfth time. The goal: to use as less fuel as possible. With the Ecorunner VII, the team of the TU Delft tries to reach an efficiency of a minimum of 3500 kilometer on the energy equivalent of 1 liter of petrol.

Will they reclaim their title?

Eco-Runner Team Delft has a standard to keep up: in 2016, they came in third and in 2015 they even managed to win the hydrogen category. Technolution is an enthusiastic sponsor of the team and has supported them during the development of the electronics for reading the output of the vehicle’s sensors. In addition, we have contributed to the power electronics.

Maximal efficiency through optimization

Optimization is what this competition is all about. The air and roll resistance and the weight of the vehicle need to be as low as possible. The power source of the Ecorunner VII, a fuel cell running on hydrogen, needs to supply enough power to last the entire competition. Even the ideal line across the course and the driving style of the driver are calculated and optimized beforehand. The car drives a distance of 40 kilometers on the course and must maintain a minimum speed of 25 km/h. After several attempts, the efficiency of the best round is calculated.

Advanced technology

The Ecorunner VII is extremely compact, but is filled to the brim with technology. The vehicle is one of the few to have sensors with which the team can monitor the performance remotely. The energy usage is monitored closely. The fuel cell reaches its optimal efficiency at a certain capacity (50-60W). When the vehicle requires less power, for instance on a level part of the course, the superfluous power is used to charge a large capacitor. The capacitor then releases power back into the engine when required, for instance when encountering headwind or at an incline.

We wish Eco-Runner Team Delft good luck at the Shell Eco-Marathon in London!




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