Technolution opens locations in Copenhagen and Stockholm


20 June 2017

Technolution is enhancing its activities in Scandinavia with the opening of offices in Copenhagen and Stockholm. A logical step for the innovative technology integrator from Gouda, seeing as it is involved in large-scale projects in the field of Smart Cities and Intelligent Traffic Solutions (ITS) in the Nordics region.

A successful tender for the city of Copenhagen opened the doors to the North for Technolution. The company is an important partner for the ambitious CPH 2025 Climate Plan of Copenhagen which will enable the Danish capital to become entirely CO2 neutral by 2025. Technolution supports the city with intelligent transport and infrastructural solutions.

Closer to the client

The activities of Technolution in Denmark soon resulted in spin-off projects in Sweden and Norway. The projects are innovative and require a large amount of intensive interaction between the clients. In this context, proximity and a close relationship are crucial, both for the client as well as Technolution. The locations in Copenhagen and Stockholm provide the required space and offer at the same time a basis for expansion and consolidation of the activities in the Nordics.

Focus on mobility

Technolution has a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of mobility and ITS. With traffic management platform MobiMaestro, the company has delivered to a large portion of the Dutch market. MobiMaestro has been expanded for Copenhagen with Smart City functions and is thus the core of the city's traffic tower. From there, the city can monitor traffic and provide customized traffic information to her citizens through apps and dynamic signs. Mobility is therefore a priority for the Nordics ambitions. In addition, Technolution has a track record in the energy market, as well as in public security, high-end security and industrial applications.

Ease of doing business

CCO Marcel Dukker of Technolution has a lot of faith in the growing opportunities of the Nordics branches: “Where you create something, dynamics will follow. Technolution is a perfect fit for this market. The Scandinavian countries are highly developed when it comes to technology and they have a great eye for quality. The culture and business mentality resemble that of the Dutch. In addition, the Scandinavian countries score very high on the list of countries that have a good business climate, the ease of doing business index.”

The two Technolution Nordics branches are already fully operational. And not without success: new projects are on the horizon and personnel has been expanded with new local employees. The activities in Scandinavia perfectly match Technolution's motto: The Right Development.

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