Greenchoice BOKS Live: saving energy starts with insight


9 August 2017

Dutch energy distributor Greenchoice offers clients insight into their own energy use through Technolution’s Cloudia platform. Cloudia is an easy-to-use expansion of the smart meter that gives accurate and up-to-date insight into energy consumption. Greenchoice is offering the product to its clients under the name BOKS Live.

From raw data to energy saving tips

With BOKS Live, Greenchoice is helping its clients to save energy. Using the Greenchoice app, they can order a Cloudia / BOKS meter, which they can connect themselves to their smart meter’s P1 port. They can then receive useful tips through the Greenchoice app on how to save energy.

Every ten seconds, Cloudia sends a reading to our back office through WiFi over the internet. The measurement data is passed on to Greenchoice, where it is are analyzed. The results of the analysis are displayed in a user-friendly way in the Greenchoice app, broken down into standby power, lighting, cooling, cooking etc. This gives users an accurate picture of their use throughout the day, but they also receive tips on how to save energy or how to replace/detect energy guzzlers and standby power users.

Greenchoice BOKS Live with Cloudia

Safe and reliable data processing

Technolution offers a cloud service for Cloudia, to give safe and reliable access to meter data. ‘To achieve optimal system integration, we’re working together closely with Greenchoice and ONZO, the company that looks after the data analysis,’ says Wilbert Prinssen, Technolution’s Director of Energy. ‘Greenchoice sees Cloudia/BOKS as a strategic instrument to bind clients with recommendations on energy savings. We’re proud that we are able to support Greenchoice in this.’

Wilbert adds: ‘We are happy to help with effective and safe collection of data, and with how to translate the results into valuable information. Do you have an idea or a query? Why not contact us, without any obligation, so we can see how we can help each other!’



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