How can a technology integrator create social return?


16 August 2017

Technolution has an extensive and dynamic project portfolio. We’re always interested in ways of enhancing our capacity and flexibility. In addition, we think it’s important to generate social return for our environment. In Carapax IT, a Gouda-based company, we’ve found a partner who segues naturally with our targets in this area.

What is social return?

By creating social return, enterprises can make a positive contribution to the labor participation of people who are finding it difficult or impossible to get a job. A part of project budgets in government tenders and commissions is always reserved for social return.

Local, professional, good

We’ve formulated a number of goals in shaping our ambitions for social return. Ever since our foundation, we’ve had strong links with the Dutch city of Gouda and the surrounding area. We are headquartered there and many of our employees live in the region. We would like to emphasize these links by contributing to the region through social return. A further aim is primarily to support people in our own field. And we think social return should never mean compromising on quality.

High-quality IT services

Carapax IT meets our requirements in the area of capacity extension and social return. The company is based in Gouda, at a stone’s throw from our own head office. Its IT services are an excellent addition to the services we provide ourselves.

The crucial difference with other IT companies? At Carapax IT, the job is done by people with autism. They work in a protected environment with reduced stimuli. Issues such as project management, planning, and client communication are dealt with by project leaders, so that the employees can be fully focused on their tasks. Highly gifted IT experts with autism who are unable to succeed elsewhere flourish at Carapax IT.

Smooth cooperation

Our cooperation with Carapax IT has gotten off to a flying start with the successful realization of new functionality in one of our mobility projects. We’re looking forward to taking our partnership further. Carapax IT is helping us to increase our commercial strength, while allowing us to help improve the labor participation of people with autism in the Gouda region.




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