Gouda is joining the traffic management system of province Zuid-Holland


27 September 2017

The municipality of Gouda, home to Technolution, will soon be using our MobiMaestro platform. We are excited to welcome our direct neighbors to the traffic management system for the province Zuid-Holland. All 31 TLCs of the municipality of Gouda are implemented in the MobiMaestro platform in order to optimize the control of the TLCs and improve the traffic flow within the municipality of Gouda.

Joint traffic management system

Many governments in the Zuid-Holland region wish to collaborate more closely regarding the control and implementation of traffic management systems. Sharing knowledge and experiences concerning the technical and functional control of traffic systems - and traffic light control is one of the main focus points. Collaboration regarding (operational) traffic management should result in a greater effectiveness of the measures.

Network-wide management scenario environment (NRMO)

Province Zuid-Holland and the municipality of The Hague have purchased a joint traffic management system NRMO (network-wide management scenario environment). Technolution had the winning bid of the tender offer from NRMO. In order to offer the desired functions, we are using our traffic management platform MobiMaestro. With MobiMaestro, we can map the traffic flows in the province, guard the TLCs and control the VMSs. With the support of the scenarios and the rule-based approach, traffic management can be executed as an overall project. Task delegation, central logging and the connection between the maritime management and traffic management are all including in functions of this system.

Municipalities that have joined

Within this collaboration, other municipalities located within province Zuid-Holland can also join MobiMaestro. This fits well into the administrative agreements between of DVM Zuidvleugel and cooperation 'Bereik!'. Currently, 10 municipalities have joined MobiMaestro in Zuid-Holland including Dordrecht, Delft, Rijswijk, Leiden and Zoetermeer. Each municipality will manage traffic independently within their management area in MobiMaestro.



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