Intelligent street lighting operated by MobiMaestro module


16 October 2017

Most street lights are fully lit at night, even if there is no traffic. Cities can reduce unnecessary lighting and save energy by limiting full illumination to the moments that traffic is passing. A new module of the MobiMaestro traffic management system is making intelligent street lighting available to many cities. The Danish capital Copenhagen is the first city to implement it. 

Illuminate when necessary

The idea behind intelligent street lighting is simple: as soon as it becomes dark the lights come on and are lit at half-power. When there is traffic, they are briefly lit more brightly, and then revert to half-power. In this way, the lights are never fully lit unnecessarily. Intelligent street lighting can be an important part of an eco-friendly and energy conscious policy plan.

Implemented in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a frontrunner when it comes to eco-friendliness. The city’s aspiration is to be carbon neutral by 2025. Copenhagen is the first city to use intelligent street lighting operated by the new MobiMaestro module. Its street lights respond to passing cyclists and pedestrians. The city has implemented the system at a number of intersections.

Using existing infrastructure

The challenge for intelligent street lighting is how to detect passing traffic. The new MobiMaestro module receives data on approaching traffic at the intersections from traffic sensors and cameras. This means cities do not always have to install new sensor networks. The only prerequisites are that the city has suitable street lighting and is using the MobiMaestro traffic management system, which is already the case in many European cities. 

Optimal control

Central control of street lighting from the traffic management system provides greater flexibility and control. If the city hosts an event, for example, the street lighting can temporarily be increased to full power in the surrounding area. The integration into MobiMaestro permits cities to regulate street lighting as they wish, and adjust it to suit changing circumstances.



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