Sense2Grow dashboard extensions


21 September 2017

The Sense2Grow dashboard gives users direct access to all sensor data. New functionality has recently been added to the dashboard. This provides quick insight into the sensors’ measurement and status values, so that the quality of the sensor network can be guaranteed. It also allows the users to retain oversight even over a large number of sensors.

Interactive graphs

The dashboard contains a sensor list that is organized per sensor location. The user can navigate directly to each sensor on this list. All measurement values of the sensor in question are now displayed in an interactive graph that can be retrieved by clicking on the sensor icon. Shorter or longer periods can be selected by zooming in or out with the mouse scroll function. The user can also select all sensors at one particular location at the same time. All sensor data at that location is then displayed with a color code in a combined graph. The user can view the numerical measurement data of a particular time of measurement by hovering the cursor over the corresponding point in the graph.

Reliable status overview

In addition to measurement values, the Sense2Grow dashboard provides full operational information for each sensor, for instance whether it is online, signal strength, transmission and reception times, firmware version etc. These aspects are all clearly displayed in graphs and in a geographic diagram. This gives the user a reliable picture of the entire operational status of the network. A new feature of the dashboard is the list of five sensors whose battery voltage is lowest, and a line that shows the critical value. Batteries that drop below this line are no longer recharging sufficiently and must be manually recharged soon. This extension further strengthens Sense2Grow’s continuity and robustness.

Sense2Grow is an open platform for sensor networks. The new dashboard functions are therefore fully available for all Sense2Grow users.



  • Marcel Dukker
  • CCO

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