Lawn management on the golf course with Sense2Grow


4 October 2017

Golf course managers want the grass on their greens to be perfect. Stadium Grow Lighting (SGL), the world leader in grass management systems for sports stadiums, is eager to apply its wide knowledge and experience to the world of golf. The challenge is to create a reliable system with wireless climate sensors. A pilot with Sense2Grow on De Batouwe golf course is demonstrating that SGL’s ambitions are realistic.

All about grass

SGL is the world’s leading specialist in natural grass in sports stadiums. The company’s mission is to enable natural grass to grow in any stadium under any condition. Advanced technologies such as UV radiation, cooling systems, mobile lighting systems, and advanced monitoring through wireless sensors have made SGL more than successful in realizing this mission. The logical next step is to make these services available to golf courses too. Greenkeepers are always trying to optimize the condition of the grass on their course.

Data transmission across large distances

The average golf course encompasses a much larger surface than a stadium. SGL’s existing wireless sensor systems work perfectly within the compact environment of a stadium, but the range and number of sensors is too small to monitor an entire golf course. In addition, there are often obstacles on golf courses that impede the transmission of radio signals, such as buildings, vegetation, and altitude differences. In order to test how Sense2Grow will function in these circumstances, we have launched a pilot together with SGL on De Batouwe golf course, near Zoelen in the Betuwe region.

Temperature and atmospheric humidity

The Sense2Grow sensors on De Batouwe measure the temperature and atmospheric humidity at different locations on the greens. A LoRa gateway in the clubhouse receives the data from the sensors and transmits it to a back office application. We will soon also be able to supply sensors that are able to measure light intensity. The pilot is still ongoing, but the first results are very promising. The sensors are able to maintain connection with the gateway and to transmit their data reliably, creating a current picture of conditions on the green.



  • Marcel Dukker
  • CCO

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