CO2 sensor for Sense2Grow


29 September 2017

There is a new addition to the range of Sense2Grow sensors: a CO2 sensor. Sense2Grow can now offer even better support for greenhouse process optimization. The new sensor is easy to install and it uses the same economical wireless technology that the other Sense2Grow sensors have.

Maximum yield

Optimal CO2 levels in a greenhouse produce maximum yield. The process is closely intertwined with temperature and light intensity. Precise measuring of CO2 levels is therefore crucially important. The new Sense2Grow sensor takes precise ppm (parts per million) measurements of CO2 levels in the atmosphere. A back office application visualizes the measurement details in an easy-to-read diagram that can be displayed on a computer or tablet. This allows agricultural entrepreneurs to see exactly where CO2 levels in their greenhouses need to be improved.

Charting growth factors

The Sense2Grow CO2 sensor is a logical next step following Sense2Grow Celsius, which measures two other important growth factors: temperature and atmospheric humidity. Just like all Sense2Grow  sensors, the Sense2Grow CO2 sensor is equipped with a solar cell and a battery, so charging is not necessary. It can be placed at any location using its handy hanging cord. The Sense2Grow dashboard, one of the software services that users can avail of, offers direct access to all the sensors’ measurement and status values via the internet browser. All sensors use the LoRa radio network, which combines low energy consumption with a wide range. A Sense2Grow sensor network gives agricultural entrepreneurs better control over conditions in their greenhouses, allowing them to optimize these for the best growth results.



  • Marcel Dukker
  • CCO

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