EDSN and Technolution starting long-term collaboration


29 January 2018

Press release: Technology integrator Technolution was chosen by EDSN to be their technology partner for the next four years. On behalf of the Dutch network operators, EDSN is responsible for the central energy data services that are required in order to support and stimulate the regulated energy market. Technolution will support EDSN in developing and maintaining secure market-facilitating IT facilities.

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Transitioning to climate-neutral energy

The Dutch energy market is currently going through a radical transition. The growing share of climate-neutral energy presents new demands for the energy networks. At the same time, demand is increasing. The changes generate increasing market dynamics. In the next few years, the market can, for instance, encounter variable connection rates and fluctuating consumer prices.

The energy transition can only be successful when network operators, producers, energy suppliers and users collaborate. Energie Data Services Nederland (EDSN) is pivotal in the provision of information. The parties in the energy market aim to combine the increasing flow of market data from users and suppliers in one central ICT infrastructure.

About Technolution

Technolution is specialized in developing software and electronics for many different domains: from mobility to industry, from public security to energy, etc. As a technology integrator, we create innovative solutions for our clients. We combine business, technology and knowledge. Our technological expertise and knowledge of the client's domain allow us to create the best solutions. We have 200 engineers at our disposal who are specialized in electronics, embedded software and application software.

About Energie Data Services Nederland B.V. (EDSN)

Energie Data Services Nederland (EDSN) is collaborating with the regional network operators, TenneT and GTS to work on the central market facilitation for the energy sector. Together with these parties, EDSN is developing a reliable and innovative ICT infrastructure for the energy market of the future, thus making way for the transition of energy as well as the sustainability of the Netherlands. For more information about EDSN, please visit www.edsn.nl.



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