Waterinfodag 2018: all you need to know about water management


21 March 2018

The Netherlands is the global leader in the field of water management due to our historic struggle against water. On the annual Waterinfodag (day of water management) the government, businesses and knowledge organizations shared their knowledge and innovative solutions in reference to this dynamic field. Technolution was, of course, attending.

Proper source data

In the field of water management, many systems are mission-critical. Whether it concerns public safety in reference to flood defenses or the quality of drinking water, reliable source data is crucial. On the Waterinfodag on 29 March in Den Bosch, we were presenting the possibility to create intelligent custom solutions with existing technology. We were, among other things, presenting solutions on how to safely use sensors and sensor networks and how to assemble good quality data in favor of mission-critical processes.

Connecting your world

Water management is all about connecting and combining the correct source data in order to get a new insight into the complex world of water. Would you like to know more about our vision regarding water management? Please contact Paul Meerman.

For more information about the event, see the (Dutch) website of the Waterinfodag 2018.




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