Future cities at ITS Copenhagen


15 August 2018

Mobility is getting smarter every day. We are working with the city of Copenhagen to create solutions for a greener, smarter and more livable city. At ITS Copenhagen, visitors were able to learn more about these solutions.

Delivering Future Cities Now

Cities of today face many challenges. There are a lot of factors, like platform economics, growing traffic and social imbalances, that have an impact on the quality of live. How can a city become and remain a sustainable, resilient city as well as a social city at the same time? A city that is ready for the future is a city that is ready to meet these challenges. Advanced mobility solutions are crucial for the city of the future. At ITS Copenhagen, we showcased a number of sensible and effective traffic solutions. They build upon existing infrastructure, making clever use of systems that are already in place. This way, cities can realize maximum effect while minimizing investments. We are delivering future cities now.


Copenhagen is implementing the ambitious CPH Climate Plan 2025 to realize its goal of becoming fully carbon neutral by 2025. At the same time, the city aims to develop and grow into a greener, smarter and more livable city. A spearhead of the city’s traffic policy is the promotion of cycling by being a bicycle-friendly city. We are working with the city of Copenhagen to realize its goals. Technolution is contributing by developing and implementing intelligent traffic solutions, built upon our traffic management system MobiMaestro, to control traffic flows and to make optimal use of the available urban space.

Were you not able to visit us at ITS Copenhagen, but would you like to learn more about the solutions we built for the city of Copenhagen? Please contact one of our collegues mentioned below.


MobiMaestro is the platform for coordinated network-wide traffic management. It brings everything together by creating a connected, integrated system that is much more than just the sum of its parts. With MobiMaestro, cities can adjust their traffic strategy to meet the policy goals, integrate various traffic tools and work in an open architecture in order for everything to be connected. The system is modular; so MobiMaestro will be able to grow with you.


Sessions by Technolution

City air quality  - Scale up intelligent traffic solutions towards a Co2 neutral Copenhagen by Paul van Koningsbruggen.

Modelling and effective traffic management 1- Autopilot, an Automated Traffic Measurement Decision Support System using a Genetic Algorithm by Edwin  Mein.

Modelling and effective traffic management 2 - Advanced Traffic Management driven by Real Time Data Fusion by Dennis Bjorn Pederson.

ITS for cycling - Traffic management for cyclists in Copenhagen by Michael Dubbeldam.



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