New energy solutions during the EUW


29 October 2018

The energy sector is going through a turbulent period which, as of yet, has no end in sight. The transition to sustainable energy – the energy transition – demands drastic changes that will affect all of society. During the European Utility Week (EUW) in Vienna, professionals from the international energy industry met in order to share their knowledge and experiences in this field and to initiate new projects.

New challenges require innovative solutions

The energy transition is only possible when the energy sector can successfully find innovative solutions for the challenges that sustainable energy faces. For instance: methods for storage and distribution of energy, efficient and new ways to generate sustainable energy, and ways to reduce the use of energy. Many of these solutions have a decentralized nature. The various elements of the systems are then located in different places, but still need to work together closely.

Connection OT and IT

Effective integration of machines, sensors and actuators with intelligent back office systems is required in order have the complex systems of the energy sector function efficiently. Technolution was also attending the EUW. We presented our solutions in the field of OT (operational technology), IT (information technology) and the connection between both worlds. With this solution, we support the entire process: from electronic devices in the field to the back office software.

  • What:              European Utility Week
  • Where:            Messe, Vienna
  • When:              6-8 November

 Dutch Power

Technolution could be found at the Dutch Power stand, no B.k4.




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