Technolution presents certified crypto solution


7 November 2018

We present the NBV-certified PrimeLink 3015. PrimeLink 3015’s recent certification for data communication at the Restricted level (‘Departementaal Vertrouwelijk’) means this cryptographic solution has now been cleared for use by all Dutch government agencies – including the armed forces. Evaluation of PrimeLink 3015 is currently also underway in a second European country. Once this process has been concluded, the PrimeLink 3015 can be used by all EU member states.

User-friendly and safe

The PrimeLink 3015 is an innovative, user-friendly solution for secure connections, which combines the reliability and security of hardware with the flexibility and sustainability of software. No specific knowledge is required to set up a secure connection over the internet. The configuration and keys can be created and managed centrally. Users at both ends just need to place a PrimeLink 3015 between their computer and their internet connection. Once the device-unique security configuration has been installed from a USB key, the connection is ready for use. Every PrimeLink 3015 can be connected to several other PrimeLinks, so that various network configurations can be secured.

Security level and speed

The PrimeLink 3015 uses the OpenVPN-NL protocol, a more robust, Dutch government-approved version of OpenVPN. It offers security at the Restricted level. Because the PrimeLink 3015 works with programmable chips (FPGAs) it is extremely fast, and it can always be kept up to date with the latest protocol version.

The programmable logic offers a lot of flexibility. This means that it will be possible in the future to update the PrimeLink 3015 for higher security levels (for instance ‘State Secret – Confidential’) and for larger bandwidths.

High assurance for international data traffic

Technolution developed the PrimeLink system in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Defense. Its certification by the National Communications Security Agency (the NBV) has now demonstrated irrefutably that the PrimeLink3015 is compliant with the strict requirements for use by Dutch government agencies.

As soon as the current evaluation in a second European country will have been completed successfully, the PrimeLink3015 will be automatically approved for use by all other EU member states. They will then be able to use this high-assurance solution for the protection of sensitive data traffic. This also brings international data traffic within reach for the PrimeLink; a big step towards interoperability.

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