Mobility Trade Fair focuses on the future


27 November 2018

How can we keep the Netherlands moving? This is the question the Vakbeurs Mobiliteit (Mobility Trade Fair) was asking as it looks to the future. Mobility is one of the greatest challenges for the Netherlands, which will be facing population growth and the associated increase in mobility needs over the coming few years. Knowledge sessions on current issues and questions, as well as the attendance of more than 2,000 professionals from the field made the Houten Mobility Trade Fair an essential networking event.

EyeCentral – the traffic control center of the future

Future-proof mobility demands traffic management that goes beyond road traffic alone. At the Mobility Trade Fair, we presented a live demonstration of EyeCentral, the traffic control center of the future. EyeCentral integrates the total management of road traffic, shipping traffic, and infrastructure (tunnels, bridges, locks and more) in a single, structured, user-friendly environment. EyeCentral provides total oversight. Its clear operating elements make managing all available functions and CCTV images easy. It allows you to smoothly share and distribute tasks across various work places, and the user interface will automatically adapt to the roles and tasks of each logged-in user.

No change to visit us? Do you want to know more about EyeCentral? Please contact us.

MobiMaestro and more

Are you looking for a specific mobility solution for your city or province? We’re happy to brainstorm with you. At our stand, we presented MobiMaestro, our network-wide traffic management platform, as well as our shipping management system. We have also showcased a first release of our new network server.


What:              Mobility Trade Fair (Vakbeurs Mobiliteit)

Where:            Expo Houten

When:             November 28-29, 2018

Stand:             2.4.33

Access to the Mobility Trade Fare is free of charge. Book a free ticket here.



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