New vessel traffic management systems launched


16 April 2019

Technolution is creating a robust track record in the field of information technology for managing waterways and navigation. This was recently further strengthened with the commissioning of two systems: the new public website of the waterways information system FIS and Trajectplanner, part of Rijkswaterstaat’s IVS Next system.

Supporting object operators and traffic controllers

Trajectplanner provides object operators and traffic controllers with an up-to-date overview of vessel arrival times. On the basis of this information they can then actively manage the traffic on busy waterway intersections from their operating positions. In addition, Trajectplanner gives lock operators advice that they can use to optimally adjust the filling of their lock chambers to the volume of navigation.

Trajectplanner integrates data from various sources, including skippers’ route and cargo data, and current vessel locations. The system simulates and predicts the traffic situation on inland waterways for a period of six hours. These predictions are calculated in less than 30 seconds for more than 2,500 inland waterway vessels. This means that Trajectplanner will be the basis for future Corridor-oriented Operation and Traffic Guidance, which gives traffic controllers and skippers an overview of the entire navigation corridor so that skippers can adjust their journeys accordingly (for instance by taking expected congestion at a lock into account).

Trajectplanner was developed and is maintained by Technolution, and it operates within IVS Next, Rijkswaterstaat’s new national navigation monitoring system. IVS Next – including Trajectplanner – recently went live. This means that traffic controllers at various traffic control centers, like the Nijmegen operating position, now have access to Trajectplanner results.

Portal for skippers

Rijkswaterstaat’s waterways information system FIS is a frequently used portal for inland navigation. It offers skippers access to extensive information about waterways, bridges and locks, ports and other objects and locations on or alongside inland waterways. FIS was built by Technolution and was commissioned in 2010. At the time, it was optimized for use on PCs. After a webinar held in 2018 where end users were asked for feedback on the system, we decided to give the user interface a major makeover. Operation and design have been streamlined and were made suitable for mobile devices. The FIS now offers skippers a smooth and clear user experience on any desired platform. The new FIS website has since gone live.

Technolution and water

FIS and Trajectplanner are only two examples of vessel traffic management systems that Technolution has made an important contribution to. Other systems for waterways or navigation that we have developed or that we contributed to are the Bridge Management System BMS, Blauwe Golf Verbindend (Blue Wave Connects) BGV, Informatiedienst op schepen (On-ship information service) IDoS, and Binnenvaart Informatie en Communicatie Systeem (inland navigation information and communication system) BICS. Interested in finding out more about our services for this sector? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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