Technolution joins Flexible Power Alliance


24 March 2015

The Flexible Power Alliance (FAN) welcomes Technolution as a new participant. Together with founders Alliander and TNO, as well as Stedin, Accenture, CGI, Energy Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) and heat pump association DHPA, we have committed ourselves to accelerating the energy transition.

Integrated energy management

Technolution has chosen to join FAN due to the prospects of integrated energy management. In this context, we have teamed up with fellow FAN participants in developing a standard interface; EF-PI. This interface enables appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators and heat pumps to be controlled remotely, resulting in lower energy costs. The standard interface will also become available as open source code.

Smart energy networks: a durable necessity

Bert den Ouden, president of Flexible Power Alliance: "Smart grids are not a luxury for the future, but a necessity for the present. A good start has been made with the rollout of smart meters, but they have not yet been put to effective use. For example, when arriving home from work, an electric car is connected to the energy network at the moment that power is typically at its most expensive, as well as the energy network experiencing the day's greatest surge. This is costly, inefficient and of course not sustainable. Using smart controls, these type of challenges can be addressed. To contribute to the overall solution, we have developed an inexpensive open source solution."

Wilbert Prinssen, Director Energy & IoT at Technolution: “We believe that the energy transition will be accelerated by open ecosystems consisting of energy producing and energy consuming appliances and storage cooperating together. Technolution view the Flexible Power Alliance network as an important platform for the industrialisation of open standards for cooperative ecosystems. Therefore we are proud and enthousiastic to become members of FAN. This step fits naturally in our strategy to contribute to the energy transition by implementing concrete technical solutions.”



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