Long-term relationship with Rijkswaterstaat


Technolution works together with its clients to build up long-term business relationships. Every client is unique, and every client relationship is also unique. To mark our 25th anniversary, it is our pleasure to give our clients the chance to tell their stories.

Part of the article from Objective 17, 2012

Innovative power in technology

Rijkswaterstaat (the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management) was one of Technolution's very first customers.  Our collaboration dates back as far as 1988. Aad Van Der Voort, Application Manager for Rijkswaterstaat's Data-ICT Service (DIS), played a role in this collaboration. Together with Van Der Voort and his colleague Fons Beekman, Product Manager for main-road network applications, he reminisced about this period.

Van Der Voort remembers his first contact with Technolution very well: "I spoke to the founders, Jan Van Der Wel and Enno Romkema. At the time, Technolution was still located in its original premises in Gouda. I was a project manager, or at least, the closest thing to a project manager as you had in those days. It was a much different function to that of today's project managers." Then, there was very little roadside equipment. Since this time, traffic management and the technology involved in it have changed beyond all recognition.


These days, the main-road network in the Netherlands looks very different to the situation 25 years ago. "Rijkswaterstaat has been responsible for numerous traffic management innovations, and Technolution has accompanied them in period of growth", says Beekman. "It has been a journey for both companies, and Technolution played a wide variety of roles along the way."

Beekman tells us about one of these smart innovations: "Prior to 2002, every district had a separate road-ice detection system. These systems had to be replaced by a centralised national system, including new measuring stations and a communication system. Naturally, the reliability requirements were extremely high: a national system has to be redundant. For this purpose, Technolution developed a double GPRS connection, an up-and-coming technology at the time."

"BOSS Online is another good example. The role of traffic controllers was becoming more and more complex, so we developed the BeslisOnderSteunendSysteem (Decision Support System, abbreviated to BOSS). This system gives alerts and simplifies traffic-control processes. A pilot scheme was launched, with the system being used at the traffic-control centre for six months before being evaluated. Technolution built this prototype, and after the six months were up, the traffic controllers didn't want to go back. These days, we use BOSS Online 4.0, which is the latest in a long line of upgrades based on this initial prototype", says Beekman.

Van Der Voort adds: "If we need anything, Technolution can provide the technological knowledge. The Dynamax project that I'm working on is a good example of this. What is great about this project is that eight trials of dynamic speed limits have been carried out already, of which three are still in operation. Time was very much of the essence for this government initiative, and thanks to the good collaboration, we were able to carry out the project within the specified time frame."

Thinking together

"Technolutions way of working suits us perfectly", says Beekman. Van Der Voort adds "Technolution's employees actively think together with us to develop solutions. Their actions are well-considered and they give advice if they spot opportunities to do things better or more efficiently."

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