About Technolution


Making the world a better place through technology – that has been our aim since 1987. We create solutions that really benefit our clients. We do this at our offices, through teamwork, and preferably together with our clients.

Motivating and inspiring each other

We believe that the best ideas emerge when the right people motivate and inspire each other. Software, electronics, and programmable logic are our tools, but Technolution’s true capital consists of the creativity, enthusiasm, and commitment of our staff.

Westland techies

Technolution was founded in 1987 by four Westland techies - Westland is a horticultural region in the West of the Netherlands - who wanted to apply the technology expertise they had acquired in horticulture to other sectors and systems. Technolution’s background in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and technical automation means that, from the very beginning, it has been focused on developing both software and electronics.

A basis for success

Starting from this foundation, Technolution has grown into a successful technology integrator. Our strength still lies in combining various technologies, software, and hardware. We deploy these to create effective and forward-looking solutions. Solutions that we love to work on, that have an impact on society, and that make a genuine contribution to improving the world.