Enabling technologies


‘Past results are a good basis for the future.’ Successful solutions from previous development paths become a fixed part of our portfolio.

From electronic components to decision-making algorithms

Over the years, we have developed a broad set of ‘enabling technologies’: a series of advanced software and electronics building blocks that can be used to develop new solutions. For instance sensors and sensor networks, electronic components for computing power and data transport, decision-making algorithms and artificial intelligence. Building and utilizing knowledge and experience, and enhancing the autonomy of systems are central concerns of ours.

Greater autonomy

Technolution has a clear view on the development of technology. At the heart of our vision is our conviction that technologies are becoming increasingly autonomous. For a technology integrator like Technolution this means it is important to acquire deep knowledge of the client’s domain. We need to create systems that will be able to operate as autonomously as possible in the client’s domain. This is why we encourage our staff to become thoroughly acquainted with the client’s world.