Innovation is in our genes. Innovative ideas and solutions are important to everything we do at Technolution. Our strength lies at the intersections where different fields of expertise meet.

Complex projects

This innovative power becomes visible, for instance when we combine our knowledge of video management with machine learning to create smart solutions for control rooms. We feel comfortable working on complex projects in which employees from different fields of expertise motivate each other to find the best solutions.

Smart ideas, unorthodox angles

As a technology integrator, we regularly participate in research projects. Our aim is to understand what possibilities the latest technologies offer. How can we deploy these in our projects, which often have social relevance? Our organization often generates smart ideas and unorthodox angles. We have a dedicated innovation budget to turn this inspiration and the knowledge acquired into specific applications. But innovations have to appeal to the market. This is why we use teams that focus on specific market segments. It helps us to identify and create both technological and business opportunities.