Organizational culture


Technolution stimulates entrepreneurial spirit and personal initiative. People who work for us have a lot of freedom to shape their job in the way that suits them best. We are not keen on bureaucracy and formalities.

Room for ideas

We have a horizontal organization, short lines of communication, and we don’t do complicated procedures or application forms. We share knowledge on an intranet wiki that is maintained by the whole team. It is really important to us that our staff feel free to develop their own ideas, because that is how initiatives are taken and unexpected solutions are found.

Motivation and inspiration

Another thing we don’t like: secondment. We think great solutions are found when people motivate and inspire each other – and that works best if you are physically in the same office. Of course some of our staff work at client locations from time to time, but in principle everyone at Technolution works at the offices we have in Gouda and Deventer. This principle also applies to homeworking: employees do this on a flexible basis, but we prefer to see you at the office.

Low staff turnover

We’re normally quite modest, but there is one thing we’re really proud of: our very low staff turnover. Many of our employees have been working for Technolution for more than fifteen years, and quite a few for more than twenty or thirty years. Want to know why our staff stays? Meet a few of our people below who have been with us for more than fifteen years; they are happy to tell you why. Please don’t hesitate to contact them for more information.