Our expertise


Technolution’s engineers are skilled at developing both software and electronics. This means we are able to integrate and combine the best of both worlds in the solutions we offer.

High-tech solutions

Some of the applications and technology we build are very advanced. This is especially the case when we work with programmable logic on FPGAs. We use this technology to realize high-tech solutions that require speed and reliability. Like a data-processing component for a high-speed electron microscope, or controls for a machine that produces microchips with electron lithography.

Multidisciplinary approach

Because our toolbox includes software, electronics, and programmable logic, we are flexible when it comes to choosing the best solution. In some situations, the optimal solution is a software application, in other cases it is a hardware component – and often it is a combination of both. This multidisciplinary approach guarantees that our clients get the best solution for their needs. And work is varied for our staff!

Combining the best of hardware and software

The PrimeLink 3015 is a good example of our multidisciplinary approach: it is a simple way to establish a highly secure connection between two devices on the internet. The PrimeLink 3015 is an electronic solution on the basis of programmable chips (FPGAs), with a built-in security protocol (OpenVPN-NL). It combines the best of hardware and software.