Personal development


We think it’s important that you like your job. Everyone who joins Technolution can count on personal guidance: new staff members will be assigned a coach during the first year.

Taking charge of your career

You can also ask to have a coach after the first year if you think that will help you to realize your own learning or performance goals. Or a buddy, who can offer more personal support. If you want, we can help you make a targeted effort to work on your personal development using the Fitch method.

After your first year, each year we organize a review session together with your immediate colleagues. This is an opportunity for you to articulate how you experience your job and what plans and ambitions you have for the future. What training courses would you like to take, and what skills do you want to hone? Where do you see yourself in a few years’ time? Our organization has a broad scope, both with regard to markets and to the nature of the work we do – this means there are always a lot of options. We will draw up a clear plan together, with you in charge. This is how Technolution supports you in giving shape and direction to your job and your career yourself.

Knowledge sharing

If you’re proud of your work and your project, you might want to share this with others. We’re all for it! Knowledge sharing is one of the things we have built into our organization. Our intranet contains best practices, manuals, and tips for technology, project management, and support, and everyone edit and add to this information. In addition, we often invite our staff to give presentations about their projects, for instance during lunch talks or at our guild meetings. At Technolution, you can always count on an audience that is interested in hearing all about our staff’s projects.