The way we work


We share a passion for technology, and almost all our people work under the same roof. As a team, we work on complex issues with interesting technologies, and to do this we have developed a clear modus operandi.

Together with the client

We strive to build a close connection with our clients in all our projects. We immerse ourselves thoroughly in their organization and domain, and in their internal users or their own clients, to ensure the solutions we create optimally meet the client’s requirements and needs. We prefer to work with our clients rather than for ours client, and we frequently work together with partners in consortiums, particularly on innovative projects.

Speaking the same language

We always assign clear roles on our projects, but Technolution’s horizontal organization also affects the way we work. We select our project team and project approach so as to guarantee an optimal match with the job and the client. Our project leaders cooperate with their team and have extensive knowledge of technology. As technical staff, you will fulfil a variety of roles in different projects. One thing is certain: everyone who works on a project has a background in technology and speaks the same language. An important aspect is that our employees have a say in the choice of projects that they work on, so that they can work on acquiring the (technological) expertise that they want to develop.