Working together towards smart energy


As a participant in the energy chain, you have the vision to realize that technology is an important tool to help you achieve your goal. Whether this means saving energy, generating sustainable energy and distributing or storing energy. Some smart apps, appliances and also smart connections are required; in short, the Internet of Things is your domain.

But how do you start with a smart solution and how can you use these new techniques and implement them in the right manner? What works and what is just a great concept? In that case, Technolution is the right partner for you: as an independent technology integrator, we are at your disposal!

Building blocks

Cloudia: insight into your energy data at your fingertips

Cloudia is a data service that gives consumers easy, accurate and up-to-date (real-time...

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Sense2Grow: measuring to grow

Sense2Grow easily connects sensors to each other to generate data that can be used to m...

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BloqBase: your product development off to a good start

You develop electronics-based products. Smart products that make new connections betwee...

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Using water and salt to store energy in Blue Battery

Sustainable energy solutions work best if they are combined with a method for energy storage,...

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Smart energy for SMEs

The growth in sustainable energy leads to fluctuations in the market. Heavy industries and the...

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Meter Front End: interface for smart meters

A  smart electricity meter provides data to the grid operator on a daily basis. Technolution...

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Smart storage of sustainable energy

It’s important for distribution network operator Enexis to reduce peak loads in...

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On-board computer Nuon Solar Team

Nuon Solar Team is taking part in the World Solar Challenge for innovation in the field of...

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Choose your energy moment

Due to the rise of sustainable energy, the energy market is rapidly changing. Supply and demand are...

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Cost reduction MV/LV instrumentation

Decentralized energy production is creating a growing need among distribution network operations...

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Vehicle-to-grid communication for EV

The expected growth of fully electric vehicles will put a much higher load on the existing energy...

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Control using one common standard; EF-Pi

Advanced household appliances are already capable of determing the best moment for power...

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