On-board computer Nuon Solar Team


Nuon Solar Team is taking part in the World Solar Challenge for innovation in the field of sustainable transport. Delft University of Technology students are taking time off from their studies to participate and gain practical experience. Technolution wants to help young talent to realize their dream.

The team’s solar vehicle is using our MobiBoxx platform as its on-board computer. This on-board computer controls the entire solar vehicle and also sends data to the support car. In addition, we are assisting the team with practical technical advice during the development of the car. 


Changes to the rules have made it necessary to radically adjust Nuna7’s design. The car now has four wheels instead of three. The design is revolutionary because it is asymmetrical: the driver no longer sits in the center, but to the side. The vehicle is powered by a 6m2 panel of silicon solar cells, with the use of concentrators as its most surprising feature. The team used the MobiBoxx again as its on-board computer for this edition. A winning combination, because they won the World Solar Challenge 2013!


The Nuon Solar Team came second place in the World Solar Challenge 2011 with Nuna6. The difference between the winner and the runner-up was the smallest this time in the history of the race, in which the Nuon Solar Team participated for the 6th time. The main focus of the work carried out for this edition was on reliability. The new on-board computer, based on Technolution’s MobiBoxx technology, played a significant role in achieving this.


During the World Solar Challenge in 2009, Nuna5 suffered problems related to the unreliability of the electronics of its on-board computer. After the race, the team came to see Technolution for advice. Our partnership was born from this initiative. In order to solve the issues we worked on a quick solution, so that the improvements could be tested during the Dream Cup in Japan in 2010. This turned out to be a great success, which laid the foundation for a fruitful and constructive partnership.

World Solar Challenge

The World Solar Challenge is the world’s most important solar vehicle race. It starts in Darwin and follows the 3,000 kilometer Stuart Highway to Adelaide in the south. This is a public road, so that the teams have to navigate through normal traffic! Every race day begins at 8 am and finishes at 5 pm, when the teams have to stop and spend the night along the side of the road. They can only use solar power to reach the finish line.


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