Cloudia unlocks Norwegian smart energy meters


Cloudia connects the smart energy meter to a centrally located back office. This enables various types of consumer services possible. Cloudia was already successfully implemented in the Netherlands and will now also be available on the international market. The energy provider Fjordkraft has started the rollout of Cloudia under the name Fjordkraft Puls in Norway.

Meter readings and diagnostics

Meter readings and diagnostic data from the smart meters are available via a data port (in the Netherlands, it is available through a so-called P1 port). The Cloudia is connected to this port and uses the user's internet connection to connect to the back office application. Cloudia sends meter reading and diagnostic data to the back office every ten seconds. Based on this data (after obtaining the user's permission), energy suppliers and other parties can provide their users with support, insight regarding their usage and detailed advise on how to save energy.

Applicable on an international level

In the Netherlands, the Cloudia is being implemented by GreenChoice under the name BOKS Live. In Norway, the system is called Fjordkraft Puls. Each country has its own standards and regulations regarding installation, connections and wireless networks. The Cloudia can be adjusted easily for international implementation. For example, the communication with the smart meter in Norway occurs through the HAN-port (Home Area Network). This is physically and electronically different from the Dutch P1 port. The data protocol and radio frequency that are used, are also different from the Dutch version of the Cloudia.

Surprising is that the smart meter is usually placed outdoors in Norway. In addition, the meters are also installed in a steel cabinet; this makes wireless communication even more difficult, but, fortunately, not impossible.

Pilot with a thousand households

Fjordkraft has already performed a successful pilot with a small number of households and has begun with the installation of Puls with a thousand of its customers. When this phase is completed, it will be decided whether the system will become available for all Fjordkraft's customers. Technolution is responsible for the development and production of the smart cabinet and supplies the back office services.



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