Vehicle-to-grid communication for EV


The expected growth of fully electric vehicles will put a much higher load on the existing energy grid. At the same time, a shift will take place from unilateral power delivery by energy producers to a partially variable delivery both by energy producers as well as customers. It therefore becomes more important to coordinate the balance between energy supply and energy use. For this purpose, powerUp has developed a vehicle-to-grid communication interface.

Vehicle-to-grid communication for smart grids

Despite the term "smart grid", current energy networks are not nearly as smart. Consumers can already produce and use their own energy, however the back office of energy providers is not yet ready for widespread deployment of smart grids. The focus of powerUp has therefore been to develop communication interfaces which can control the entire circle, including balancing of energy supply and demand, as well as determining how much and when energy needs to be available.

HPGP and G3 communication interfaces

Within the powerUp project, Technolution was responsible for the realization of communication interfaces. These interfaces are used to enable communication between charging stations and the energy grid, as well as between the charging station and the vehicle. For establishing the connection between vehicle and charging station, HomePlug Green PHY (HPGP) was implemented. To connect the charging station to the energy grid, G3 powerline communication was used. For the physical implementation, brand new components were developed and configured into a working interface. To achieve this, Technolution wrote and tested the software interfaces to ensure they were suitable for this particular environment. To demonstrate the technology is ready for widespread use, we also implemented a working demo.

European subsidy project

powerUp was executed under the European subsidy program 7th Framework. In the powerUp project, various European companies cooperated, including Volvo, Fiat, Denso, Itron, ICCS, ETSI, Broadbit and Technolution.


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