Creating complex multidisciplinary solutions


You supply state-of-the-art technological systems such as medical systems, appliances for scientific research or safe communication systems. Your high-tech systems are often used in complex environments.

As technology integrator, we can work with you to create practical applicable technological innovations that can make a big difference for your client's business case. We excel when it comes to electronics, programmed logic and embedded software and also have the experience to help you realize complex multidisciplinary projects and products.

Building blocks

PrimeLink: Security made simple

Do you work with classified information or do you manage a crucial infrastructure? Are ...

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BloqBase: your product development off to a good start

You develop electronics-based products. Smart products that make new connections betwee...

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SigmaXG: video switching and control over IP

SigmaXG is a scalable product for video switching over standard IP infrastructure. It o...

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Tiny OS ThreadX ported to Risc-V

ThreadX is a lightweight real-time operating system (RTOS) that is perfectly at home in highly...

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Insight into the condition of electric motors prevents failure

Electric motors are the workhorses of the industry. Failure is never convenient. Maintenance is...

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Unique chips make hacking unprofitable

Microchips are usually mass produced with special and very expensive machines. All chips from the...

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Unique custom solution for high volume data storage

Nowadays, medical and scientific devices and computer networks generate so much data that it cannot...

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Motion control platform

The NYCe4000 is a family of motion controllers of Bosch Rexroth Electric Drives and Controls B.V....

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Motion Control Board

This motion control board has been developed to precisely position a nuclear source in human...

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Image processing platform

Technolution has developed an image processing platform for image intensifiers. The platform can be...

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Patterning, Imaging and Acquisition (PIA) board

The scanning and transmission electron microscopes of the FEI company reveal the nano field (1...

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Redesign medical image processing system

Compared to consumer electronics, complex industrial/medical machines last a long time. A life...

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