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Sense2Grow easily connects sensors to each other to generate data that can be used to manage and monitor your business processes. It converts data into information, giving you a better and more up-to-date picture of your business practices. This can yield new insights on how to improve and renew your business practices.

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Open platform for everyone

Sense2Grow is a simple and universal open platform, to which any party can connect any type of sensor. Because everything comes together on a single platform it is easy to combine and process data. All data is conveyed to the user through a single channel, and is presented in real time on a computer screen, smartphone or tablet. A floorplan of a greenhouse, for instance, allows the user to access measurement readings such as temperature, humidity, or luminosity for every location in the greenhouse.

Safe and reliable

Sense2Grow uses a constant and reliable wireless data connection. Robust security guarantees that the data received is authentic and reliable, and can easily be traced back to the right sensor. The security of the system is based on underlying technology from chip cards, tunnel information systems, national calamity sensor networks and other high-tech systems.

Scalable and affordable

The system’s modular structure and scalable architecture make it possible to install a small-scale sensor network that can easily be expanded, and the sensors used are affordable. This means that every entrepreneur can determine his own business case. Once Sense2Grow has been installed, costs are limited to the purchase of the apps that you can use to design your own dashboard, and a small service fee per sensor for support and hosting of the Sense2Grow system.

 Real-time, wireless insight into and control of assets
 Safe and reliable
 Open system
 Scalable and affordable


    Process optimization: better growth through optimal climate conditions
Sense2Grow comes with a large number of wireless sensors that are fitted in the greenhouse of a marketing gardening business, and which together give an accurate picture of the climate in the greenhouse. The system can generate a high-resolution picture thanks to the large number of sensors. This means you are able to measure more precisely, and therefore to control processes in the greenhouse more accurately, and this results in optimal growth conditions in all parts of the greenhouse.
  Risk management: fire and smoke damage
Sense2Grow is equipped with wireless smoke detectors that set off an alarm in case of smoke formation. Fire and smoke are important risks, for instance in the agricultural sector or for network operators. Fire can lead to bankruptcy, and for network operators, a fire in a transformer station can lead to a blackout in an entire neighborhood. Early and accurate detection of smoke, and thus prevention of fire and smoke damage, can save you a lot of misery.
  Asset management
Sense2Grow enables you to wirelessly monitor and control assets such as switch boxes, pumps, and solar panels. It can easily retrofit measurements and controls to existing assets, even if they are in locations that are difficult to access. Sense2Grow’s Data Platform is fitted with a data analysis functionality that allows the user to detect trends, or to give a warning when certain limits are exceeded. Predictive maintenance and optimal deployment of assets are now within reach!


Everything at sight

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