Redesign medical image processing system


Compared to consumer electronics, complex industrial/medical machines last a long time. A life cycle of over 15 years is not unusual. Because technology keeps improving, it is often worthwhile to redesign electronics during the life cycle. Technolution has a great deal of experience with cost price reduction development and Life Cycle Management.

Medical image processing system

A good example of this is the redesign of a complete medical image processing system, originally developed in 1984. Technolution has already finished a redesign for this project twice. In this development process Technolution integrated a complete rack of 8 boards on one board and all old PL/M software was converted into "C". In addition, a lot of separate circuits have been integrated in a FPGA during the last redesign.


A project like that usually results in a cost-effective, easy to produce product. It meets the original requirements, while its performance is often better than the original design.

Technologies used / unique qualities:

  • Migration of the original software to modern real-time operating systems;
  • Conversion of PL/M code to C and subsequently optimization of this code;
  • Migration to new processor architectures, e.g. from 8051 processors to FPGA soft core solutions;
  • Migration of existing custom-made ASIC designs to FPGA;
  • Applying several FPGAs to integrate circuits;
  • Maintenance and improvement of video manipulation algorithms;
  • Extensive DFM & DFT analyses to improve production yield;
  • Backwards compatibility with previous versions (functional and software).


  • Jan van der Wel
  • CEO

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