Image processing platform


Technolution has developed an image processing platform for image intensifiers. The platform can be used in various markets, but has initially been developed for medical applications.

The application-specific image processing functions are directly integrated into the camera. These functions can be automatically performed on raw data, which means that the image is directly suitable for viewing on a monitor or PC. Built-in image processing drastically reduces the integration time for system builders. It makes it easier to add more advanced image processing functions and removes the need for a separate image processing unit.

Technical details

  • electronic rotation
  • edge enhancement
  • noise reduction
  • image overlay
  • image storage
  • contrast/brightness/white compression
  • 30 frames per second
  • dual (live video and reference) monitor output

Technologies used

  • Xilinx Virtex / ISE
  • ModelSim (VHDL-simulation)
  • Softcore micro-processor
  • Cameralink, DVI, other video standards
  • Ethernet


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