Motion Control Board


This motion control board has been developed to precisely position a nuclear source in human tissue. A nuclear source is mounted to a steel cable which is placed on a drum controlled by a stepper motor. The MCB controls two stepper motors, one for the check cable and one for the nuclear source.

The use of a nuclear source in the human body demands fail-safe system operation. Built-in safety and reliability are therefore very important. In case of an emergency situation, there is a third motor which can be used to retract the cable (redundancy).

The positioning of the cable is controlled very accurately (± 0.10 mm). The control loop contains velocity, position and torque control. Acceleration and deceleration are achieved using s-curves, including pre-determined jerk.

Hardware, programmable logic and embedded software

Technolution determined the requirements for the MCB in close contact with the customer. We developed and tested the hardware, programmable logic and embedded software.

Technologies used

  • three-phase H-bridges
  • motion control with s-curves implemented with dedicated FPU
  • communication and general functionality implemented in NIOS-II softcore

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