Motion control platform


The NYCe4000 is a family of motion controllers of Bosch Rexroth Electric Drives and Controls B.V. These sophisticated motion controllers are used for applications in which low-power servomotors and stepper motors are required and where the demands on motion control are high.

System architecture

Technolution contributes to the development of the product family by designing and realizing the system architecture. The NYCe4000 architecture combines standard pc technology, motion control technology, servo and stepper drive technology and I/O in one single system.

The technologies applied are:

  • Firewire B
  • PCI-system bus
  • EMIF-system bus
  • TI-DSP
  • Proprietary high speed serial link
  • Four floating-pointprocessoren according to IEEE754 in VHDL
  • Space vector mapping

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