Unique custom solution for high volume data storage


Nowadays, medical and scientific devices and computer networks generate so much data that it cannot be processed in real time anymore. Saving in order to process or review it later is a possible solution. However, even saving such large quantities of data in real time is quite a challenge. To solve this, Technolution has developed a storage system that can save and forward 10 Gbps.

Photo cameras are fitted with increasingly more megapixels. The photo files are thus also becoming larger. The same is happening in the world of science and medicine. The sensors can detect smaller and smaller details. Unfortunately this results in the production of so much more data that the computers cannot keep up. The calculation power is lacking in comparison to the sensor /data development. The solution is to save the data and later expand in order to process and analyze. However, even saving in a standard PC finds it difficult to process such huge data streams in real time. An alternative would be a storage system built in programmable logic. Such a system is sturdy and fast, but not very flexible.

10 Gbps data storage is not trivial

Technolution has developed a computer that can use custom-made software for storing a data stream of 10 Gbps in real time. The system is composed of carefully selected standard PC components and is based on 10Gbps Ethernet. It saves a data stream of 10 Gbps and forwards it simultaneously for, for example, a live stream feed. Due to the standard components with a Linux platform, this solution can easily be expanded and adjusted for any situation. The system can also perform simple processing tasks, such as filtering, during the saving process.

Unique custom designs

Due to the compact custom-made nature, our 10 Gbps storage system is cheaper than other systems currently on the market, which are often 'overly dimensioned'. In addition, we offer a completely functioning system that we can adjust according to the requirements and situation of the client.

Video recorder for SigmaXG

This project started as addition for SigmaXG, where it functions as a video recorder. This allows us to perform a demo in which we can record 10G of video or data and play it back (in slow motion).


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