SigmaXG: video switching and control over IP


SigmaXG is a scalable product for video switching over standard IP infrastructure. It offers ultimate flexibility to take video, audio and control signals from any connected source to any connected destination. You can distribute video with the quality you need and the latency you can afford.

Better and faster video switching

SigmaXG is based on standard IP technology and works with standard off the-shelf-switches. NDcoders (an ENcoder and DEcoder in a single product) provide all the interfaces you need to connect your equipment. SigmaXG is a plug-and-play solution and is OS independent, you don't need any specific drivers.

SigmaXG comes with an open API (available on request) that enables you to integrate the product into your environment or workflow management system. SigmaXG supports a wide range of information formats: video protocols (DVI, DP, HDMI, SDI) as well as USB, audio, mouse, and keyboard. In multiple display mode (e.g. QuadVview) you can use a single mouse/keyboard to operate any of the connected devices. This function is called MouseThru.


  • Plug-en-play
  • OS-onafhankelijk

Designed for a wide range of applications

For example:

  • Medical
  • Control-room
  • Board-room (collaboration, virtual presence)
  • Digital signage
  • Broadcasting
  • Entertainment 
  • … and many more.

More information

Find more information at our SigmaXG website



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