BloqBase: your product development off to a good start


You develop electronics-based products. Smart products that make new connections between the physical and digital worlds. You have a promising idea for a new device. You know exactly what it’s supposed to do. But before you can start designing the most important functions, all inputs and outputs, the interfaces, and the system software have to be designed first. Before you know it, a year has passed and you still don’t have a working prototype. Unless you use BloqBase for the development.

The bloqs you need

BloqBase is Technolution’s electronics development platform. BloqBase makes it possible to go through the difficult first phase of product development much faster. The foundation of hardware, drivers, and system software has already been selected. It directly gives you the right interfaces and I/Os: a complete set of modular building blocks or bloqs for any device you need. Your product development process is off to a good start!

Customization for a fraction of the price

Thanks to BloqBase’s flexibility you can customize at a fraction of the usual price. Using bloqs, we can develop a device for you in a short period of time, which can be produced in any conceivable quantity. Developing with BloqBase is a flexible, iterative process comparable to software development. You can have a design built, tested, and adjusted quickly. No need for a long, expensive development process.

Scalable processor platform

You obviously don’t want to make any concessions on reliability. BloqBase is a processor platform of industrial quality. BloqBase products are stable, covered by warranty, and will still be available in ten years’ time. Are you thinking of scaling up to larger quantities or mass production? You can always make targeted design choices. For instance by merging a set of parts to form a specially designed component.

Unique features of BloqBase

  • Flexibility: high configurability due to wide range of interfaces and I/Os 
  • Speed: short time to market, easy to adapt
  • Cost management: low development costs
  • Risk management: flexible and iterative development
  • Possibility of making specialized design choices when scaling up


BloqBase includes a wide range of interfaces and outputs, including: Wifi, Wifi-P, BT, GPS, CAN, RS232/485, digital I/O, analog I/O, 3G/4G, Zigbee etc. BloqBase is not static. We are constantly working to extend and upgrade the available modules.

BloqBase in practice

We have already developed a variety of solutions for several clients using BloqBase.

  • FlowRadar in the Spookfiles (shockwave traffic jams) project – this device for the FlowPatrol project communicates with roadside systems and gives motorists information on flow and advice on driving behavior and route.
  • On-board unit on train: communicates between trackside systems and train and gives acoustic warning if a red light is approached at excess speed.
  • In trucks: communicates with roadside systems and exchanges information on routes and travel information.
  • Smart Cable Guard: device for inspection and analysis of 10 kV cables in order to predict faults. The Smart Cable Guard was redesigned using BloqBase.



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