Technolution Asset Performance Management
Integral, scalable, open


Choosing a custom-made Asset Performance Management system by Technolution means choosing openness and flexibility. As third-party components and applications can be included in our unique SARA architecture, our solutions offer precisely what you need to monitor your devices digitally, carry out analyses, and realize predictive maintenance. This is what you need to increase usage rates and improve your production quality.

> Proven Asset Performance technology

We work with proven technologies for all required software, hardware, and communication parts, so that you are assured of the reliability of your Asset Performance Management system. We are able to create a scalable system that is compatible with future devices and software. If you so require, processes can also be controlled autonomously.

Our Asset Performance Management offer:

  • Asset Monitoring solutions for measuring, monitoring, and analyzing process data
  • Asset Control solutions for autonomous operation and control

If you are looking only to monitor (partial) processes, Asset Monitoring solutions are the answer. And if you want to embark on a gradual growth path towards autonomous (partial) processes, start with Asset Monitoring and slowly expand into Asset Control.

Asset Performance Management levels

> Monitor, analyze or operate your machinery

Thanks to wireless sensors, no modification of production machinery is required. Installation can be done quickly and with minimal impact on the production line. Moreover, there is no risk of disruption of the machinery on account of ICT problems.

Choose a tailor-made solution that does what was promised and that prepares you for the future. Monitor, analyze, or operate your machinery with an Asset Performance Management system made by Technolution.

> Our Asset Performance Management portfolio:

Asset monitoring     Asset control


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