Working together towards smart traffic management


Naturally you look beyond traffic and mobility management; you are focusing on a sustainable and healthy environment. This requires a proper flow, but perhaps also, for instance, green waves, priority for cyclists and flexible usage of public space.

This is how you can create a 'smart city'. Sounds great, but where and how do you begin? What works and what is just a great concept? We can answer those questions for you. As an independent technology integrator, Technolution supports the entire process.

Building blocks

BloqBase: your product development off to a good start

You develop electronics-based products. Smart products that make new connections betwee...

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SigmaXG: video switching and control over IP

SigmaXG is a scalable product for video switching over standard IP infrastructure. It o...

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MobiMaestro: from traffic management towards a smart city

MobiMaestro is the platform for coordinated network-wide traffic management. Adjust you...

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Certification and self-certification test kit OV-chipkaart

In the Netherlands, public transport users pay for their journeys using the OV-chipkaart. This...

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iCentrale allows traffic control centers to join forces

Dutch provinces and municipalities use central control rooms to operate their infrastructure. There...

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GreenCatch: green light for everyone

There are many advantages to traffic flowing smoothly through a city. Less stationary traffic...

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Talking Traffic: communication between everything on and alongside the road

The Talking Traffic project permits road users, traffic lights, traffic control centers, and...

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BikeSim: Mapping bicycle traffic through smart simulation

Cities are seeking ways of becoming more bicycle-friendly. In big cities, this is leading to bike...

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AUTOPILOT: getting Europe ready for autonomous cars

Autonomous cars are going to make huge strides over the coming decades. In 2025, 4% of passenger...

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Innovative controls for the A9 tunnel

The Dutch highway A9 Gaasperdammerweg between junctions Holendrecht and Diemen will be expanded....

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New camera control system for Dutch Benelux Tunnel

When an incident occurs in a road tunnel, it is important that the traffic manager can see...

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Smart working and living in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is implementing the ambitious CPH Climate Plan 2025 to realize its goal of being fully...

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Traffic management at events

Better flow of traffic in and around the Dutch city of Amsterdam thanks to new technologies along...

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Ships stay on course with Route Planner

Rijkswaterstaat is researching how they can facilitate managing shipping traffic in the Dutch...

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Reducing bridge opening delays

The Bridge Management System (BMS) gives advice to bridge and lock operators. It combines...

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First autonomous vehicle to hit the road

The WEpod is the first fully autonomous vehicle to appear on the Dutch public road. This driverless...

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‘Blauwe Golf Verbindend’ (The Blue Wave connects)

The ‘Blauwe Golf Verbindend’ (BGV) web portal collects and distributes real-time...

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Spitsvrij Utrecht-Amersfoort-Hilversum

In the summer of 2011, the Spitsvrij (‘Rush Hour Free’) program started. Its 5,000...

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