Cooperative systems for a better environment


How can cooperative systems be used to reduce the energy impact of road transportation – the aim being a 20 % reduction? A broad European consortium got to grips with this question recently and the results were announced and demonstrated on 20 and 21 November 2013.

Obviously reducing fuel consumption is good for the environment, for public health and for the road user’s pocket. But it also makes investing in cooperative systems even more interesting for road managers, because reducing harmful emissions is an important (European) policy goal. The availability of smart, ‘green’ applications can also serve as a catalyst for a smooth market launch of cooperative systems. There is one precondition: these solutions may not prejudice the safety and reliability of the network.


Technolution developed ecoParkAdvice for eCoMove. This app not only indicates where the nearest parking garage is on the basis of the distance per vehicle, but also gives the onward walking distance to the destination. In addition, it informs the driver individually and in-car about the optimal route and about where available parking places are. During the development, we factored in the possibility of integration with existing systems and apps.

Carried out by a large European consortium

32 partners from ten countries are working together in the European project eCoMove to develop smart, cooperative solutions to make traffic more energy-efficient. Companies such as Ford, BMW, DAF Trucks, Imtech Traffic & Infra, Nokia, Technolution, TNO and TomTom are participating in the project. The Dutch Integrated Test site for Cooperative Mobility (DITCM), moreover, is hosting many of the tests. The project started in April 2010 and will be concluded in November 2013 with a final event, which will include demos.

Final event in Aachen

As was clear from the demo at the final event in Aachen, researchers and suppliers are ready. Who is going to take the first step to actually implement these green systems in practice?



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