FIS: A single dashboard for nautical information


Fairway Information Services, FIS in short, is the gateway to processing and transmitting nautical information from Rijkswaterstaat. The first release of FIS ( was realized in 2012. Since this release, Technolution has constantly been developing FIS to ensure the system meets the changing needs of clients. A fully renewed FIS website was put online in 2019, which means FIS is fully up to date again, including functionalities for mobile devices.

FIS was developed by Technolution and can be regarded as a single universal dashboard where all information is displayed and all data can be transmitted through personal profiles. This helps both commercial and leisure shipping navigate and communicate more efficiently and reach its destinations more quickly.

River Information Services

The European Union has formulated a directive for River Information Services (RIS). This directive, which is intended to support inland waterways transport, provides a framework for the dissemination of harmonized nautical information within the European Union. This makes it possible to obtain route and waterways information in the same way across Europe, thus improving the safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness of waterborne transport and traffic.

Objective of FIS

FIS contributes to making water transport more attractive by enhancing the predictability of navigating the Dutch inland waterways. FIS makes it possible to navigate more efficiently and improves communication between vessels and the shore, allowing skippers to sail from A to B more quickly and in a more environmentally conscious way.

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