Roadside optimization via traffic management


Better flow of traffic in and around the Dutch city of Amsterdam thanks to new technologies along the road and in vehicles; this is what PraktijkProef Amsterdam (PPA) (Practical Trial Amsterdam) is testing. PPA consists of a ‘roadside track’ and an ‘in-car track’. Technolution is responsible for the technical integration and user interface for PPA’s roadside track. 

Coordinated deployment of traffic control and ramp meter systems

PPA’s roadside track involves linking together traffic lights and ramp meter systems in MobiMaestro. Coordination is regulated by smart algorithms. As soon as the volume of traffic increases at a particular entry ramp on the A10, an intervention takes place upstream. Ramp meters and traffic lights there are given adjusted control settings, so that less traffic is temporarily admitted onto the road. Three supervisors were developed to make this possible: one for the underlying road network, one for the main road network, and one network supervisor. The supervisors ‘negotiate’ with each other about available capacity on the basis of traffic jam and queue estimates.

Network management in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

The traffic situation in the Amsterdam area is complex, with three road managers who each have their own road network and tools. In order to optimize the flow of traffic in the region, Rijkswaterstaat, the City of Amsterdam, and the Province of Noord-Holland joined forces in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. They draw up control scenarios together. Their demand for the PPA project was therefore that one user-friendly application should give them an overview of all measures, and allow them to intervene wherever necessary.

System integrator and integral user interface

Technolution fulfilled the role of system integrator within this partnership. We were also responsible for the construction and implementation of the supervisors and of the user interface.

Phase 2: integration of roadside and in-car track

The roadside track, called ‘Phase 1’ in the project, has been completed. We are currently working on Phase 2 in PPA Zuid-Oost (Southeast), which involves the integration of the roadside and in-car tracks. This information is translated to individual recommendations that are offered to the road user through apps on his or her smartphone.


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